Welcome to my website. I'm a singer-songwriter with over 20 years' experience at my craft; I also produce music for myself and others in my project studio. This website is a portal with pointers to my stuff all over the web.


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Ten By One - Mp3s of my debut album
Interregnum - Mp3s of my second album
Mermelada - Mp3 demos for my next album
MySpace - Music, blog, and concert calendar
YouTube - Live acoustic performance videos
CdBaby - CDs for sale
Low Earth Orbiter - Seattle band I produced

Digitech JamMan - An article I wrote on advanced JamMan looping.
Digitech RP150 Resources - A guitar multi-effects box I use.
Roland TR-505 Manual - Manual .pdf for retro drum machine

Am I that Norm Bowler?

Probably so, if you knew me in one of these places:
Sweet Home, Oregon / Seattle, Washington / Vancouver, Washington / Goldendale, Washington / Richland, Washington / Seattle Pacific University / Getty Images / Expedia